Identity design for motorcycle design company based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The logo merges the letter B and nine tallies into one cohesive mark — inspired by the concept of bandits etching tallies onto their prison cell walls, counting down to their eventual liberation.



Creative Direction and Design Aleksandr Khomyakov

Bandit9 Team

Chief Daryl Villanueva

Engineering and Production Nguyen Khoi Nguyen, Vu Phan, Hoa Huynh, Tai Vo, Tran Tam

Automotive Design Amiparn Mudgal, Mohammed Akram, Rajvardhan Bahirat

Operations Team Hoang Thanh Binh, Anna Mai, Sabrina Bui

Build Monkey Garage

Nuen Team

Video / Photography Direction Gia Nguyen, Hai Vo

Marketing Executive Nguyen Thanh Bao

Video Content Creator Le Quang Minh

Model Alina Fedotova

Photographer Han Du Dinh

Make Up Rainbow Beauty by Nghiem Bui

Studio Rêvons Studio

Select photography courtesy of Bandit9

Bandit9 Supermarine
Bandit9 Supermarine
Logo detailing on the Bandit9 Supermarine
Logo detailing on the Bandit9 Supermarine

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