InfoThe Strong Ones — Illustration Brief

ZIKI© Product design for a mobile ordering experience with ZIKI, a Greek-Mexican fusion food startup taking on the world of fast food with integrity & a health-first mindset. Case study coming soon.


Midi Matilda Singles → Series of 10 album covers designed for Midi Matilda. Released throughout 2019. №7 of 10 pictured above.

Midi Matilda Singles

Riot Forge → Adaptive identity system for Riot Games' (League of Legends) video game publisher. Full case study coming soon. Completed at Landor.

Riot ForgeRiot ForgeRiot Forge

CALVINKLEIN205W39NYC → Packaging suite for Raf Simon’s debut ready-to-wear collection at Calvin Klein. Completed at 2x4.


Nike Kyrie 6 → Visual system for the sixth evolution of Kyrie Irving's iconic signature shoe. Completed at The New Company.

Nike Kyrie 6

Bandit9 → Brand identity for Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam based futuristic vehicle company.


Fulbright University Vietnam Visual identity, full case study coming soon. Completed at 2x4.

Prada Rong Zhai → Exhibition design for the opening of Prada Rong Zhai — a historic early-twentieth-century mansion restored to be a new cultural center in Shanghai. Completed at 2x4.

Prada Rong Zhai

Midi Matilda → Visual identity for Midi Matilda, an indie electro-pop band based in Los Angeles, California.

Midi MatildaMidi Matilda (edit)Midi Matilda (edit) (1)

Slowbooks → The first digital product created by Khomus. A minimal, no-frills alternative to manage self-employed taxes. Product launch & case study coming soon.

Nike Air Shop → Flexible identity for Nike's initiative to celebrate and promote all Air Max products. Case study coming soon. Completed at The New Company.

Nike Airshop

RNA Strategy, branding & website for a New Jersey based CPA firm. Case study coming soon.

Local Gives → Strategy, branding and web for a local-community oriented donation platform. Completed in collaboration with Bread Ventures.

Local Gives

Pudra → Pudra, meaning powder in Russian, is a multipurpose typeface influenced by the shapes and forms of ski equipment.

PudraPudra (Edit)

Fyōōapo → Logo for a Korean experimental fashion project. Designed in collaboration with Hansy.

55 Lovable Logos → An interactive accordion-style book celebrating 55 logos based on form.

55 Lovable Logos

Freer | Sackler → Identity refresh for the Freer Gallery of Art & Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the Smithsonian’s museums of Asian art in Washington, DC. Completed at 2x4.


Arrow A fun monolinear typeface to show you the way. Work in progress.

Red Light District → A book set based on chance & serendipity for Midi Matilda’s EP, Red Light District.

Red Light District

ReRoutes Brand & product design — coming soon.


Gleam Surf Logo for San Francisco based surfing brand & club.


The Strong Ones Strategy, branding & creative direction for San Francisco based calisthenics club. Illustrations by Emile. Case study coming soon.

Prada Wallpaper SS 2018 → Wallpaper design and applications at the Prada Epicenter store in SoHo, New York for fashion week, February 2018. Completed at 2x4.

Prada Wallpaper

Apple → Brand communications work completed at Apple. Interactive & brand at Elephant. Please reach out to view work.


Mutt Meat Case study coming soon~ish.


Van Daryl Gallery Logo and signage for Van Daryl, a Ho Chi Minh based automotive gallery.

Samsung Galaxy → Brand / UI design for Samsung. Completed at 2x4. Please reach out to view work.

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci → Interactive redesign of the notebooks by the 15-16th century artist, theorist, engineer and scientist.

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

Farm Sanctuary Photography to help raise awareness on factory farm animal abuse and promote a more plant based lifestyle. Case study coming soon.


Various Logos Case study coming soon.


Happy Birthday Hee-Jae A book and website celebrating Hee-Jae Kim's birthday. Case study coming soon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEEJAE +1 ‪(650) 420-5353‬